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Increase Ticket Allocation for England Women's Football Team Games

After missing out on tickets for the England Women's Team vs Germany at Wembley Stadium on 23rd November 2014, I felt compelled to start this petition.The FA website have the current statement on their website "As a result of longstanding planned engineering works taking place on the day of the game, impacting transport options, The FA has sought ongoing advice on crowd numbers and has taken the decision to cap ticket sales at the current number."Details taken from http://www.thefa.com/news/england/womens/2014/nov/england-women-v-germany-wembley-stadium-ticket-update-061114I believe that the number of people interested in Women's football has been underestimated and that they should look to increase the number of tickets. If they are worried about people getting to the game during the engineering works they should work with National express to run services as they do for the England men's games.If you feel the same, please join me in making people aware of the growing support for Women's football.Thanks in advance

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